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A New Direction for North Charleston




The STAR Plan 

Safety - the well being and protection of everyone in the community and that includes infrastructure. 
Training - improving capability, capacity, productivity and performance.
Affordable Housing - improving our daily quality of life.
Relationships transparency, communications, partnerships, committed to the people of the city.

Ready to Lead the People!

     I am Rhonda Jerome a native of North Charleston.  I am proud of where I was born and raised.  I graduated from R.B. Stall High School and I attended Baptist College. I have served the community for over two decades.  I have the experience and knowledge to lead this city in a new direction.  My performance, dedication and compassion stand above the rest.  I am the only Council member in the whole state of South Carolina to achieve the Diamond Magna Cum Laude level of Leadership training with the National League of Cities (2022); Bronze in 2005, Silver in 2006, Gold in 2007, Platinum in 2008, Diamond in 2009, and Diamond Cum Laude in 2014.  I have been serving the people for nineteen years and I will never stop. I currently, serve on the following Board of Directors: Charleston County Aviation Authority (Proxy for Mayor Summey), Project Home and Secret Garden Path.

     I am currently involved on the following committees/events: Joint Land Use Study/Joint Land Use Base Study/Council of Governments, Community Outreach’s Santa’s Village at Midland Park Community Center, Tri-County Human Trafficking Task Force and the National League of Cities Public Safety/Crime Prevention Federal Task Force.

     Joe and I share forty-five years of a successful marriage.  Joe is a retired North Charleston firefighter and law enforcement officer with 47 years of service to North Charleston. We are two public servants with a combined service record of 65 years, who have contributed to the safety of the people and it’s infrastructure. We have two children, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  

I am ready to lead the city in a New Direction, join me in making a New City and a brighter future for all.

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"Verge" Testimonial

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