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Public Safety is my #1 priority.  Leaders are responsible for the well-being and protection of everyone and everything in the community.  North Charleston is one of the fastest growing cities in the state.  The growth of a city requires public safety at it’s core.  Currently, the violent crime rate, the property crime rate and the eviction rate is the highest in history and there is no end in sight.  We need new leaders with a purpose toward improvement.  We must stop with short term solutions and develop a clear strategic plan to move North Charleston in the right direction.   My commitment will be to track, measure and improve safety.

Affordable Housing and Quality of Life
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Improving the quality of life for all is everyone's desire and we must do more. Infrastructure needs to be improved in areas where growth has surpassed the current capacity, city wide. We will work on improving housing by partnering with developers and the housing authority. Many communities have seen incredible enhancements to the quality of life through recreational improvements and projects. Our youth need state of the art educational and recreational facilities. Our seniors need medical and assistive services. Together we will ensure families live, work and play around quality amenities making it easy to form lasting bonds with your neighbors, creating a real sense of connection in our communities. 


Lack of access to education is considered the root of poverty.  Training and education builds better citizens.  We have a young workforce which requires robust educational programs.  We must be transparent by keeping citizens abreast of the inner workings of city business through a Citizens Academy to inform citizens what each department does and answer their questions. We will work with schools and educational leaders to build partnerships that encourage Excellence in the classroom and build neighborhoods that support academic success. Stronger city schools enable stronger economic fortunes and our city will improve faster than ever before. 


To move North Charleston in the right direction, we must have fair and equal treatment for ALL city employees by listening to their concerns and addressing them to the betterment of our city. We will work with nonprofits to develop solutions and solve the problems together.  We will work with the Hispanic population to continue to bridge the gap and strengthen relationships and communications between everyone in the city. We will collaborate with the citizens, small businesses, large corporations, and government organizations to produce greater outcomes. 


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